“We must teach how to think, not what to think.” —Margaret Mead


Is USD living up to this ideal and to its mission?  At this point in our society all customers have to weigh in on that question and be heard.  One cannot assume that the higher ed order of yester year is still operating.  One has to know what is there before sending your child off to college, making a huge donation as a donor, promoting the alma mater as an alum.  One has to know what is going on, and that is the first phase objective for ADU, and the challenge to all customers.

Since the mid 1960’s, think tanks have been studying and documenting the ever-tightening throttle on free speech, the erosion of independent, critical thinking skills and the drumbeat of identity politics and victimhood in higher education, yet these issues not only persist, they have deepened and entrenched. Why? See Timeline of “The Long March Through the Institutions”.

Whitepapers, conferences and op-eds about the destructiveness of a one-party system on campuses, serve to surface and clarify issues, but a “ground game” and action plan—crucial for meaningful change—have been the “missing pieces”.

Alumni and Donors Unite was formed as an “action tank” to supply the practical action plan.  We access the decades of cutting-edge think tank research and pair it with the active engagement of alumni, donors, parents, students and lovers of freedom, to restore academic freedom on campus.


Who We Are

We are a team of diverse thinkers from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds who believe a college education must allow for thinking outside the box, pressuring testing ideas, assuming no “settled science”, taking intellectual chances and actually insisting on reasoned debate. 

We are committed to being a catalyst for action needed for reform. Join us to ignite a broad, grassroots effort to create lasting change.