Current Status of DEI Infusion at Each USD College


The intrusion into each college at USD is underway.   

Below is the current status, as of the date of this report, of the rollout of the Horizon Project at specific USD Colleges.   It is expected that the progression of DEI install will continue.

 College of Arts and Sciences

Two Deans seem to hold a portfolio over DEI.  8-member Diversity Postdoctoral Faculty and Recruitment Council, Co-Chaired by Associate Dean Kristin Moran (PhD) and Assistant Dean Pauline Powell (MA).  Future plans:  Few elements of its mission point toward excellence in liberal arts and sciences. Instead, “diversity and inclusion are essential to the fulfillment of our institutional mission” for the College, according to its website.  Its commitment to liberal arts requires it “to work toward eliminating racial inequity.”[1]


Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

Caroline Baillie, Director of Engineering Justice Future Plans: Statement of Mission, Vision, and Values adopts every element of Critical Social Justice ideology. The School of Engineering acknowledges “the privileged point of view and existence in which we live” and how “engineering historically has not been an inclusive space.”  It strives to “dismantle the myth of meritocracy in the United States and in the engineering discipline.”  Pursuant to Envisioning 2024, it is putting together a new diversity plan with a “task force that focuses on diversity, inclusion and social justice” among other things.  It has created “Engineering Exchange for Social Justice.”[2]


The Hahn School of Nursing and Health Sciences

No dedicated dean for Diversity and Inclusion yet. Mission includes “deepening our commitment to social justice by influencing health policy. . .”


School of Business

No dedicated dean for Diversity and Inclusion yet. Future Plans: It has established the “Building Inclusive Excellence Council (BIEC) to “promote DEI at the USD School of Business” including adopting “faculty climate surveys, implicit bias training, reflections on standardization of hiring practices, seminars or search committees, as well as other workshops on prejudice and discrimination.”[3] 


School of Law

No dedicated dean for Diversity and Inclusion. Statement concerning diversity and inclusion is generic and low energy.  The law school is “committed to developing and sustaining a diverse student body and ensuring students of all backgrounds feel supported and included.”  No strategic plan or specific initiatives are on the website, except eighteen scholarships specifically dedicated to supposedly underrepresented minorities.  


Conclusion:  DEI hiring at the college level is gearing up.  Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering have deans dedicated to CSJ-DEI.  Engineering also has bought into CSJ ideology hook, line, and sinker, and eventually this will compromise the education there, if it hasn't already.  Other colleges, especially, the law school, will soon be forced into the same ideological prism.  



[2] All quotations are drawn from the following: